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The export-oriented RMG sector in Bangladesh started as a small non- traditional export sector in the late 1970s. Now Bangladesh is one of the countries in South Asia leading the race for shaping up for the Textile & Apparel exports to the US & EU. Within three decades, RMG has transformed itself into the country’s highest revenue-generating sector, contributing most of Bangladesh’s total exports, making Bangladesh the second largest garment exporter in the world. Bangladesh imports textile and garment machinery worth more than $4 billion in Bangladesh, and growing by 20 per cent annually because of increasing capacities and upgrading of Machinery. As country’s textile & garment industry continues expansion, the demand for advanced machinery and technology is on the rise, several major sectors are ready to upgrade their machinery and equipment for driving all relative industries to the next leading level. Textile and apparel machinery manufacturers and sellers recognize Bangladesh as a lucrative business destination because of the country’s stronghold in the global readymade garment trade. Low-cost and high-quality products that are produced on time; reliably and very competitively with a skilled workforce; unique regional location for expansion into key Asian and other markets; privileged trading status with Canada, the EU and Japan; clusters of companies providing a local supplier base with depth in skilled labor, training, and technical development facilities provide a favorable advantage for the investors to invest in Bangladesh  

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As the textile & garment industry in Bangladesh continues expansion, the demand for advanced machinery and technology is on the rise. During the last decade Bangladesh has imported textile & garment-making machineries worth Billions. The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Exporters Association (BGMEA) revealed it is eyeing a 10% share of the global apparel market by 2025 and is aiming for an export target of US$100bn by 2030.

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