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The Textech Bangladesh International Expo is a part of CEMS-Global’s Textile Series of Exhibitions held in Bangladesh, Brazil, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

TEXTECH Bangladesh has been serving the Textile & Apparel Industry sector of Bangladesh for the last 23 years and apart from being the Oldest & Biggest Textile Garment Technology & Machinery Expo of Bangladesh, it is the Only International branded series of Exhibition of its kind being held in Bangladesh, Morocco & Sri Lanka annually. After the successful 22nd edition of Textech International Exhibition held in 2023, CEMS-Global is pleased to present once again its 2024 edition in Bangladesh as 23rd Textech Bangladesh 2024 International Expo.

This annual event is a significant platform for the textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh, which is one of the largest textile and garment exporters in the world.

For the past 23 years, Textech Bangladesh International Expo has certainly played a significant role in presenting Bangladesh as a global textile hub. The Exhibition has attracted participant manufacturers and exhibitors from around the world. This international presence showcased Bangladesh's prominence in the global textile and apparel industry.

Once again, the 23rd Textech Bangladesh 2024 International Expo will provide a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to display their products, services, and innovations related to the textile and garment sector of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh exports Apparels worth over US$ 45 Billion to nearly 120 countries. The Textile & Apparel Industry of Bangladesh is still undertaking a massive machinery up-gradation and importing the latest machinery with technological advancements; to ensure product quality, and the ability to produce & export value-added goods. Due to high demand and major investments happening in the sector, the 23rd Textech Bangladesh 2024 International Expo will again historically feature the latest technological advancements in textile and garment machinery, equipment, and processes. This showcases Bangladesh's commitment to adopting modern technologies to enhance its textile and apparel production to further boost its exports.

For over 2 decades, Textech Bangladesh International Expo has been a great platform and a unique B2B networking opportunity for Worldwide Textile Garment Machinery manufacturers to interact face to face with potential buyers thus facilitating B2B Networking, business opportunities and development, agreements, and partnerships between the participating manufacturers and visitors of the Show. These activities contribute to Bangladesh's reputation as a Global Textile hub.

23 rd Textech Bangladesh 2024 International Expo
23 rd Textech Bangladesh 2024 International Expo
The show garnered international attention, with participants and exhibitors from leading textile-producing nations. Bangladesh's role as a growing textile hub was highlighted through diverse global participation and visitors from across South Asia and Europe, who used the event as a Triangle-Trade platform where they could connect with Textile, Accessories Manufacturers as well as Garment factories in Bangladesh. This cross-continental participation showcased the Textech Bangladesh International Expo’s Global appeal and the significance of the textile industry as a unifying force.

Textech Series of Exhibitions has created a brand, especially in Bangladesh, as the biggest expo for the entire Textile & Garment Industry of Bangladesh and has seen incredible growth in terms of exhibitors as well as potential visitors from the industry than any other expo ever held in Bangladesh. Textech has been seeing an overwhelming increase in Exhibitors year after year owing to delivering success to the Exhibitors and attracting more visitors for being a hub for attracting visitors from all over Bangladesh and from neighboring India, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. So, it will be a unique and one-of-a-kind B2B Networking platform of Buyers-Sellers and a unique opportunity to take advantage, meet the buyer’s importers and forge profitable deals.

The Textech Bangladesh International Expo is a pivotal event that underscores Bangladesh's role as a global textile hub. It provides a platform for showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology and machinery required for the Textile & Garment Industry, fostering international collaboration, and staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

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